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One Of The best Pre-School for Education and Social Environment
My son was going to Kids r Kids at N.Eldridge for almost 2 years, and we have seen the change in him through his pre school days. This is one of the best preschool for kids to be at. We really loved the way this school is conducted and organised, with best quality education and well managed programmed clubbed with excellent social atmosphere. We liked the caring provided by teachers, as well as the entire support staff. Especially the AP program offered by school really helps child to work through various skills and advanced programs of STEM education are just wonderful. Special thanks to Ms. Jennifer and Ms.Sam for being such a wonderful and caring teachers. Also the way Ms. Valerie manages things is commendable and the effort put in my Mr. Nguyen to maintain and run the school just shows there dedication towards importance of education . KRK will always remain special to us and in our memories for providing very first building block of education for our kid.
Parikshit Bhalerao
Feeling blessed by the KRK family
Our daughter attended Kids R Kids Lakes on Eldridge for the past 2 ½ years, and this preschool exceeded our expectations. The experiences with her previous school and KRK were like night and day. She always loved her teachers (and we did, too!), and every staff member was kind and helpful to the students and parents. Each day was filled with a variety of fun and educational activities, and I was constantly amazed at all the things she was learning at ages 2 and 3. I remember when we first toured the preschool, Ms. Valerie was showing artwork in the 1-year-old classroom and explaining how she could tell which students needed help with fine motor skills just based on dots on paper. I immediately knew KRK was special and my child was going to be learning and developing even before she could talk. The owners truly care about the children and want to provide the best learning environment they can. We feel truly blessed to have been a part of KRK Lakes on Eldridge. We have moved out of town, but this KRK is now the model we will use to compare all future preschools. Thank you all!
Thomas & Lauren H.
We love and miss this school!
My daughter has attended Kids R Kids North Eldridge location since she was 11months old. She learned sign language her first week there. I was so amazed at how much she was able to learn at such a young age. When she turned 1yr old, she was able to tell me what she wanted in sign language! (of course I had to shed a tear)! From the first day, she was placed on a schedule which I loved. The kids were introduced to language, science, math and history at all ages. And as she has gotten older, she started to have tear jerking holiday programs. Not to mention the October Festival and Rodeo time! The coordinators had brought the holidays to us! They always made sure they captured every moment for us working parents, who would have missed otherwise. From pictures to the assistance with potty training, the entire staff was there like an army of parents. The staff members are incredible with the kids. From the owner to the after school instructors, I was pleased the entire five years. The entire staff even knew my daughter's name. We were always greeted as soon as we walked in to start the day and as we left for the evening. And the staff always had a friendly smile upon their face. The teachers such as Miss Candice and Mrs. Angel are great certified educators. This is a Well-Organized school. Most people would see Kids R Kids to be a daycare. But I am here to tell you that this is not a day care; this is a child learning center and trust me, your child will learn. My daughter not only knows how to recognize sight words, she can count to 100 and absolutely loves science. Sometimes, I think I am speaking to a 7 year old instead she is only 5. In addition, they also hold child development educational classes for the parents which are very helpful. As parents we received the teacher's lesson plans/learning goals weekly (before the next week begun) which helped us to prepare our daughter for the lesson being taught for the week. As well as they make sure the kids have not only fun activities, but educational activities as well. From the gym teacher to the dance instructor, this Kids R Kids location had it all! As we had to move, I since then transferred to another Kids R Kids and let me tell you, the discipline and type of education is not the same. I am so glad we were able to have her attend for the five years she did. She is now ready to start kindergarten and she is well prepared! Lastly, my advice to you would be, if you are ever on the waiting list for this school, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT!!! Your child will love to wake up and go to school! Thank you so much for the guidance!!! It Is Well Appreciated! Valerie Patterson & Family - TX Valerie Patterson
Valerie Patterson
We are so blessed
My husband and I moved to the west side of town with our 10 month old wondering if we would find a school that would be a good fit for us. We have been at Kids R Kids now for 8 months now, and absolutely love it. It has blown us away, and we can see that our son is growing and learning every day. It's clear that the teachers there know who he is, and he is not just a dollar sign but a well-loved student. We have also been grateful for the partnership to help us on our own parental journey in ways to teach, support, and grow with our son at home. One moment that happened early in our experience at KRK was Ms. Deysy (at the time the 200 lead teacher) bought a sweet gift for our son when he turned one (only after knowing him a month), and we were floored. The idea that a teacher at his school would be so kind and sweet to our son after such a short period just solidified that we were at the right place for us all to settle in. We have had other similar experiences where teachers such as Ms. Marisol have gone out of their way to make our son feel special, and we couldn't feel more blessed. The director of the school, Ms. Valerie, has also been fantastic. Always making time to ensure we had all of our questions/concerns answered, and it's clear that she is heavily involved in the classrooms as well. There was not one child that she did not know their name as we would walk through the school, and she clearly understands, articulates, and promotes teacher growth to support the critical school curriculum at the different developmental ages. Overall I would highly recommend this school to other parents, and KRK please keep up the great work!
Erica Frost
I was willing to sell my house to move closer to the school
I am not the kind of person that gushes at any & everything. So my review title is not an exaggeration; I actually started the relocation process. I worked near the school but lived a traffic-hour away, and the daily commute was starting to tell on my two little ones (6-months and 22-months). Since moving house would no longer be feasible due to a medical incident of mine, I made arrangements for a "place in the city", just so that my babies wouldn't have to continue enduring the long journey. Putting them elsewhere was just not an option. Why? Because excellence is pursued by the owners of this school, and that mindset very evidently cascades down to the staff and setting of the establishment. The school director, for instance, might as well be managing the Ritz, she is that professional and perfect. The atmosphere, decor and set up is just wonderful - loads of natural light, everything crisp and clean. Engaging activities for the whole family. Lovely, kind and professional staff. And they genuinely love children; my sons' responses to them clearly indicate that. I wasn't even using the online viewing service anymore, only when I was missing the boys. I was as comfortable leaving them at the school as I would be with their grandma. And, even though they are still babies, they learned a lot. For instance, my older son now picks up books on his own to read. When he was younger (about 6 months) he started noticing and pointing to the serial numbers on my car window because that was how his teachers used to point out numbers and letters to him in school. For the younger boy, at 4 months, his teacher was the only other person, aside from my sister and me, that he would lean in to be carried by. Not even his dad could make that boast. I could go on and on - I want to! - but I will just conclude by saying I believe that this is the best school BY FAR in the preschool niche. I shopped around quite a bit, and even the more expensive schools fell short. KrK North Eldridge has effectively ruined everywhere else for me :). Great job all round, and thanks for the wonderful time my family had with you.
N. Okoro
A Wonderful School!
My oldest was at KRK for 4 years! The teachers at KRK are of the highest quality anywhere! They cared for my children like their own while also giving them the best academic foundation a parent could ask for. The owners and management are there at all times and deeply care about the quality of environment and education that they offer to their students.
M. Martinez
We could not be more pleased and proud!
Emma and Ava started at Kids R Kids when they were 18 months old and have just started Kindergarten! We did a lot of research on day care centers in the area and Kids R Kids stood out above the rest. After visiting the center we fell in love with the staff and knew this was the right fit for our family. During these 4+ years at Kids R Kids we have seen our children blossom into big girls. Our girls have gone from self feeding and potty training to elementary school! The attention, care and curriculum that Kids R Kids has provided has fully prepared them. We have no doubts that our girls will excel in Kindergarten and beyond because of the strong foundation that Kids R Kids has given them. We cant thank the staff enough for doing such a great job in teaching our girls to be independent, caring and smart children. We are honored to be selected as the family of the month and look forward to a long relationship with Kids R Kids since our girls will continue to be enrolled in the before and after school program. We look forward to the summers and all the wonderful activities and field trips that come along with being big girls. Thanks Kids R Kids for a job well done with these two little girls! We could not be more pleased and proud!
The Powell - AK
Peace of mind
Peace of mind. That`s what Kids R Kids Lakes on Eldridge means to me. With so much to worry about every day, they give me one less reason to worry. I know my son is in the best place! Such a loving, nurturing environment. The staff is just outstanding. From diapers to summer camp - we`ve done it at Kids R Kids. They provide everything we need to keep us coming back year after year. Thank you for all you do!!!
J. lease - TX
The right school!
The boys both transferred to Kids R Kids from another preschool a few months ago and both have been thriving in their new environment! We visited a number of schools, and because we already had several years of child care experience, we knew what we were looking for. We found it, unquestionably, at Kids R Kids. It was equally important to us to have a school that had an excellent scholastic curriculum, as well as a loving, nurturing, and supportive environment. We loved the large, bright classrooms, the tremendous variety of activities, the big playgrounds, and the combination of structure and individuality within the classes. With all these opportunities, we knew our children would be well cared for, would learn a lot, and would be very happy.
The Bannerman - TX
No place better than KRK N. Eldridge!
We love Kids R Kids! We thoroughly researched, and no facility can compare with what Kids R Kids provides to children prior to entering Kindergarten or 1st grade. The education director is highly knowledgeable, passionate, and loves her job! She shares this knowledge and passion at every opportunity. The owners are visible, available, and most importantly involved in the management of the facility, and truly have great concern for the well-being of each child. My child is well-rounded socially, emotionally, and mentally, due to all the efforts of the Kids R Kids staff. He is also more than prepared for Kindergarten! His peers at other schools, or those that have stayed home, are not as prepared for school as my child is, thanks to Kids R Kids. I have had parents comment on how intelligent my child is, and when they provide details, it is something he has learned at KRK! He started at KRK around 14 mo, and the compliments started then as well. Kids R Kids is a great school and a great "2nd home" for my child, because they truly care as much about his success as I do as a parent.
Kitchens/Williams - TX
Enjoy going to KRK each day.
Both Hayden and Kasey really enjoy going to KRK each day, with the range of activities on going each week. From Spanish and Music to Gym and Hayden`s favorite ... Splash day! We have really seen our children develop in so many ways whilst at KRK, and we know that a great deal of the credit must go to the amazing teachers who help develop their skills each day. We find the teachers look after our kids with the same love and care they have for their own children. Its a great comfort to us knowing we are leaving our children in such good hands. All of the staff is extremely helpful and willing to listen if we have any issues. We`ve made a lot of good friends at KRK, and are happy that our kids are in a school where they have so much fun during the day that we have to convince them to come home!
The Roberts - TX
Best of the best
We feel so blessed that our son attends Kids R Kids. From the moment we walked in, we knew we had found our school. The teachers and staff are superb! The facility is safe and clean. I just can`t say enough great things about it. We love Kids R Kids!
Strange family - TX
Excellent School of learning
Kids R Kids- Lakes on Eldridge is by far one of the best early learning centers in our neighbourhood. Both of our kids have been going there since 2009, younger one since he was 5 months old and elder one started her Pre-K over here. The admin staff (Ms. Krystal, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Sarah and Ms.Valerie) and all the teachers are very loving and affectionate and know every kid by their name. The owner Mr & Mrs. Nguyen take lot of pains in keeping their facility structured and organized. The curriculum and activities at KRK outperformed our expectation. There has been a tremendous improvement in our daughter`s social skills as she has become lot more confident going over there and has learnt a lot from her Pre-k teachers Ms. Candice and Ms. Leah and her kindergarten teacher Ms. Jessica. Our younger son almost 2 years old, absolutely loves his school and has been learning and picking lot of nursery rhymes and alphabets lately. His teachers through various class rooms, Ms. Angel, Ms. Laura, Ms. Cynthia, Ms. Dana, Ms. Valeria and Ms. Bonnie have been very caring and nutured our young son very well. We donot have enough words to express our satisfaction in KRK- North Eldridge. Putting our kids here gaves us lot of peace at work because we know they were in safe hands.
Jasmeen & Sukhi Kohli - TX
Dedicated Teachers
Ever since Maliha was an infant, she was taken care of by wonderful teachers. She has now progressed to a toddler and is doing so well (communicating - reading etc) I was very concerned about level of care & teaching at day care facilities but this place is one of kind! The Staff is absolutely amazing. Special thanks to the teachers. Thank you Kids r Kids !
C. Strachan - TX
A wonderful experience
My oldest daughter attended KRK Lakes on Eldridge for over 3 years and my younger daughter attended for 1 year. We had a fantastic experience and truly appreciate the loving care and dedication of the owners, teachers and staff. My older daughter has learned so much and will be more than ready for kindergarten! Knowing they were in such good hands was a huge relief to me! I will miss everyone now that we are attending a different KRK since we recently moved to a new house. I would strongly recommend this facility to anyone!
Julie Lambert - TX
Awesome and Loving Place for my son to be!
My son Jacob has been with Kids R Kids on Eldridge for several years now. He lives with his dad and they moved two years ago but every summer he still wants to come back to his best place to be, that`s Kids R Kids Eldridge. He will be 12 next summer and it will be sad to say goodbye to the awesome staff and owners. They are not only great with the kids but personable and great with the parents as well.
Lisa Pry - TX
High quality all around
We have been involved with Kids R Kids on Eldridge for nearly 5 years, since our oldest was 3 months old. We feel so fortunate to have had our children in such a nurturing, yet stimulating environment. I have been constantly amazed at what our children learn everyday and I know that my daughter is well prepared for Kindergarten. It`s also been so reassuring to know that the teachers and staff truly care about our children. My children must also realize that, too, because they have had such positive feelings towards all of their teachers. My kids have definitely felt comfortable at KRK, which certainly makes us as parents feel good! I also have to say that the owner of this school, Mr. Trung Nguyen, has really contributed to our positive feelings. He has always been so willing to work with us when a situation arises and has shown us that our opinion truly does matter. I feel so fortunate that our children have had the opportunity to attend such a high quality school.
Nicole Dorsey - TX
Loved the school
Both our children have been going to Kids R Kids (Lakes on Eldridge) since they were four months old and love it. We have been very pleased with the level of service and education provided at this facility. Unfortunately, we moved away and after a long commute for a year, had to relocate our children to another Kids R Kids. I highly recommend this location because of their caring and involvement with the children`s development. We were very fortunate to have this day care near our home. The staff was like family to us. We will truely miss this school.
Tudyk Family - TX
We started our son at Kid R Kids North Eldridge about 3 1/2 years ago (when he turned 6 months) Everything from the teachers to the staff to the owner always made you feel like part of a loving family. I was pregnant with our second child and pulled my son out as I would be staying home for almost 3 months. I regretted this once it was too late as there was a long waiting list to get both children back to the school (obviously, I wasn`t the only one that discovered how great this "school" was) We were forced to put our children in another daycare down the road - (we had so many problems with THAT daycare, we pulled them out and had a "nanny" fill in until Kids R Kids was ready for us again. It was a relief to be back... all the teachers (even teachers my son never had) remembered him and welcomed him back. That`s the kind of service they provide. Your children are special to each and every one of the teachers in the school/daycare. They are loved. They learn a lot and they really enjoy being there. We had to transfer out of state and had to pull the kids from Kids R Kids. I cried just as much as they did on their last day. Would recommend this school to anyone with children looking for an education and loving environment for their children.
The Berrios Family - WA
Back For More!!
My son`s experience at KRK North Eldridge was so rewarding to him that he wants to and will return there while his current elementary school (Lowery Elemntary) is out on breaks. I also want to add that the staff has always provided quality academic programs as well as mentoring moments getting and keeping my son on the right track.
R. Hollier - TX
My Son Got the Best Education Money Could Buy
My son Armaan was enrolled at Kids R Kids (Lakes on Eldridge) at the age of 3 years and 10 months. Armaan was an early talker and learned quickly. Kids R Kids had no problem accomodating his quick learning. Armaan continued to pre-K and attended KRK during their first year of Kindergarten. Ms. Deidre and Ms. Jessica adapted their teaching styles to Armaan`s needs. Armaan completed KG at KRK and tested between 2nd and 3rd grade levels in Math, Reading and other studies. Armaan continued to Spring Branch ISD`s Honors and Gift and Talented Programs. He learned more at KRK kindergarten program than first grade at his public school. Ms. Crystal was invaluable in helping Armaan`s learning needs. She communicated well with Armaan`s mother and me. Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen and the whole staff at KRK have been wonderful. My daughter Leyla, age 3, goes here as well. I have no plans to send her anywhere else for the next three years. It`s a shame they don`t offer first grade education. If they did, my kids would be here another year. Thanks KRK and all their support.
Yousuf Beg - TX
Both of my girls started at Kids R Kids when they were 6 weeks old. As a new mom, it is overwhelming to leave your children with other people, but at Kids R Kids, I was so impressed. I felt completely comfortable. The girls are 4 and 2 now, and a few months ago we had our third baby, and we decided to try an in-home registered day care. It was a horrible experience, because my 2 and 4 year old cried every time I left them. My children have never cried once when I left them at Kids R Kids. I called back to Kids R Kids after a few weeks, and asked if they would take them back, and they did. The girls are so happy again, my stress level is down, and we can relax at work knowing my children are in good hands. They learn so much here, at the in home day care they just watched TV. Kids R Kids is teaching my daughters to read and write, My 4 year can almost write her name. She recognizes letters, and is really good at colors and shapes. It is such a blessing to have Kids R Kids watching them.
the Villarreal Family - TX
Dedicated Teachers and Staff
The front office staff is the best I have seen and they make each person who walks in fell the LOVE in the Center and it make you fell Welcome each time they Truly a hug above the rest
B Haynes-Thomas - TX
Excited about school!
My daughter started at Kids R Kids when she was 9 months old now she is a thriving 24mo old who knows her ABC`s, she can count to 10, and is able to read titles of books given to her. This is all because of the loving and structured enviornment that she is receiving on a daily basis. The teachers are dedicated, and treat her as if she was there own. She is excited about school!!!
C. Harrison - TX
An Awesome Structurized Facility!
We love this facility and staff! The staff is kind, caring and always give us a smile and kind words. Our son needed the experienced, attentive teachers that Kids R Kids provides. This center is one of the best in the Cyfair area!!
The Snyder Family - TX
I couldn`s have ask for a better experience
My daughter enrolled in the private kindergarten program at Kids R Kids, Lakes on Eldrige. When she started, she knew all of her letter and sounds. Nevertheless, when she came home early in the year with a picture of a giraffe labeled "GJRF," I was so amazed that she was starting to put the sounds together into real words. At the end of the year, she loves to write and can fill full pages with imaginative stories. She even knows how to use periods, exclamation points, capital letters, and quotation marks. I have also been impressed with her increasing reading ability. At the begining of the year, she can figure out all sorts of sentences by using phonetics, sight words, picture clues, and word families. She is excited about reading and wants to read everything she sees. The curriculum is strong, preparing the students for first grade in all subject areas. The class size is small so the students receive the indivitualized attention they need. It was the perfect first year of school for my daughter. I couldn`t have ask for a better experience.
Sara Brown, Asst. Principal, Klein ISD - TX
A Loving Environment
After a long search for the perfect environment for my 2 yr old daughter,Gabriela I decided on Kids R Kids on North Eldridge. It was comforting to me as a mother to know that not only was my daughter learning everyday but was being cared for in a loving environment. Trung and Madeline who have become dear friends stand for all of these values. They make the difference in the staff and environment provided for our children. My daughter spent 3 years there and I could not have asked for a better school. Thank you for providing knowledge, fun and kindness to our entire family. Best Wishes !
Ana Valladares - TX
Best school in our area
Our son Leonardo spent 3 years at KidsRKids, and always had loving, caring teachers. We were fortunate to have the school near us. They have a great staff and not only do kids learn a lot but the place is always immaculately clean. We were very impressed with the Kindergarden program and the warm and inviting environment. The owners are wonderful people and are doing a great job!
Carolina Gonzalez - TX
A Great Head Start!
Kevin started at KRK Eldridge when he was 3 years old. He understood english but only spoke dutch at the time. We were so worried about how he would adjust but found that, because of the loving care that he recieved- he flourished. His first teacher was Miss Blarina. He would come home talking about her and would make up songs at bedtime about her. It is not easy to leave your child in the care of others but, when your child is making up songs about their caregiver- that will put any parent at ease. Kevin left to enter public school for kindergarten and I was shocked to find how far ahead he was than his peers! I honestly believe he probably could have gone straight to first grade. I want to thank the staff at Kids R Kids for laying a solid educational foundation for my son!
Tracy de Jong - TX
Extended Family
Kids R Kids N. Eldridge is... like leaving your children with your extended family network. The staff is attentive, polite, qualified and courteous. The owners are especially kind and run a tight ship! My trust and confidence are in their hands all day when I cannot personally care for my child. The extra curricular offerings (i.e. music, gymnastics, dance, pc kidz, field trips, and cultural activities) enrich your children beyond the classroom and can be accomplished during the business day. When I pick up my child, I can enjoy our time together, rather than chauffeuring her to all of these activities after work. When she begins kindergarten, I`ll continue before and after care at her home away from home!
J. Hall - TX
We love going to school!
My son started at Kids R Kids Lakes on Eldridge when he was 11 months. I feared that the transition would be difficult and tearful for the two of us. I always heard it`s good socialization and a learning environment, but I was skeptical about how they would truly meet his individual needs. I quickly discovered an answer. He thoroughly enjoys exploring and learning throughout the day, as I am able to watch on the visionet. The teachers are always providing engaging activities to spark language and cognitive development. The 3 teachers make a sincere effort to individually care for each student. I have been so pleased and delighted at his development and am certain of the benefits now. At home he communicates through sign language and practices turning pages of books. I could go on and on.....
V. Hill - TX
This was the most awesome experience!
My son started school at Kids R Kids when he was only 10 months old!!! He is now 5 years old, and if Kids R Kids #32 was an elementary school I would keep him enrolled. My son has learned so much from his ABC`s to working on a computer! I could have never asked for a better pre-school facility. The care was awesome and the teachers gave you a detail report on your child`s day. They also kept you informed about their development. Iam so impressed with my sons level of maturity and skills at his young age. I owe it to Kids R Kids for taking the time to teach my child. I would definately recommend Kids R Kids to everyone, especially first time mothers.
Ruby Nzuki - TX
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